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The following is not a comprehensive code of law, but is intended to set the tone for the wiki. Issue resolution will be at Quantum's discretion.


  • Make the wiki a better ZZT reference.
    • Make sure there are no "missing pieces" for newcomers. "No in-joke left behind" is hyperbole, but it paints a general picture.
    • Any edit that brings us closer to that goal is welcome!
    • See Wiki:Scope for what topics are relevant. In general, anything about ZZT itself (mechanics, games) is relevant, and some community stuff may be relevant too.
  • Be kind.
    • Real people are involved! Keep in mind things that may be used to harass someone (gender, sexuality, etc) and don't mention them if they aren't relevant.
    • Be compassionate about the past. Was somebody a jerk back when they were a teenager? Most of us were, so cut them some slack.
    • Be sensitive about people's personal data, such as their real name. Don't publish personal data that they didn't volunteer.
    • Don't let this hold you back from objectively documenting ZZT-related things.
  • Stick to the facts.
    • Be objective. Among other things, this means you probably shouldn't edit pages on yourself or your games, except for mechanical things like typo fixes.
    • ZZT subjects don't have as many sources as Wikipedia, so we can't be as stringent. But where possible, avoid speculation.