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Getting started

Only registered users can edit the wiki, so create an account if you haven't already. There is a CAPTCHA that assumes some basic ZZT knowledge: you probably won't be tripped up by this, but if you are, let Quantum know.

Most pages support rich-text editing, which means you can start contributing without having to learn wiki markup syntax. But if you need to do something fancy, or if you just prefer editing in raw markup, the Mediawiki User's Guide is available for your perusal.

See Wiki:Requested articles for ideas of what to contribute!


In general, any edit that makes this wiki a better ZZT reference is welcome. If you're a reasonable person, and you like that goal... welcome!

The following are some general guidelines, as opposed to a comprehensive code of law:

  • Respect copyright. Don't copy from other sources unless you're sure they're compatible with the wiki license. See Wiki:Copyrights for more details.
  • Stay in scope. Article about ZZT-OOP? Great! Article about some ZZTer's roommate? Not so much. For clarification on where exactly the line is, see Wiki:Scope.
  • Stick to the facts. You don't have to have cite sources for everything, but avoid speculation where possible. Don't whitewash, don't bad-mouth, just state the facts.
  • Be objective. In most cases, you probably shouldn't make major edits to articles about yourself or your works. This only applies to articles, though: e.g., user pages are fair game for extolling your own virtues.
  • Be compassionate. Keep in mind how you would like to be treated. Don't mention sensitive information if it isn't relevant.