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The following is not a comprehensive code of law, but is intended to set the tone for the wiki. Issue resolution will be at Quantum's discretion.


  • Make the wiki a better ZZT reference.
    • Make sure there are no "missing pieces" for newcomers. "No in-joke left behind" is hyperbole, but it paints a general picture.
    • Any edit that brings us closer to that goal is welcome!
    • See Wiki:Scope for what topics are relevant. In general, anything about ZZT itself (mechanics, games) is relevant, and some community stuff may be relevant too.
  • Be kind.
    • Real people are involved! Keep in mind things that may be used to harass someone (gender, sexuality, etc) and don't mention them if they aren't relevant.
    • Be compassionate about the past. Was somebody a jerk back when they were a teenager? Most of us were, so cut them some slack.
    • Be sensitive about people's personal data, such as their real name. Don't publish personal data that they didn't volunteer.
    • Don't let this hold you back from objectively documenting ZZT-related things.
  • Stick to the facts.
    • Be objective. Among other things, this means you probably shouldn't edit pages on yourself or your games, except for mechanical things like typo fixes.
    • ZZT subjects don't have as many sources as Wikipedia, so we can't be as stringent. But where possible, avoid speculation.

Getting started

First of all, you'll need to create an account if you haven't already. There is a CAPTCHA that assumes some basic ZZT knowledge: the intent is to keep out spammers as opposed to being a knowledge test, so this is designed to be pretty easy to get past. But if you have trouble creating an account, let Quantum know.

See the Mediawiki User's Guide for help with Mediawiki syntax. Most pages support rich-text editing, so you can jump into contributing without having to learn any special syntax. But if you're trying to do anything fancy, or you prefer editing markup over rich text, the Mediawiki help will be useful.