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Other traits
Effect on movement{{{effect on movement}}}
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?{{{uses zzt-oop color}}}

An infobox for ZZT elements.

Top section:

  • picture: Representative image, e.g., [[File:some-element.png]] or [[File:some-element.png|thumb]]
  • caption: Caption for the picture: "Some-element in its natural habitat"
  • zzt-oop name: Name used in ZZT-OOP for #put, #change, etc
  • id: Element's internal ID
  • char: Description of the element's character(s)
  • color: Default color, if the element has one
  • category: Item/Creature/Terrain (not all elements have this)

Stat parameters:

  • stats: yes/no. Must be set to "yes" in order to show stats section.
  • x-y step: X/Y step
  • cycle: The default cycle value for this element
  • p1, p2, p3: Descriptions of how the general-purpose stat fields are used (Intelligence, Deviance, etc)
  • leader, follower: Descriptions of special-purpose centipede fields
  • current instruction: Objects only: program counter/negative bind index
  • data: How the stat's data section is used (scroll text, object program)

Other traits:

  • destructible: Whether element can be destroyed by bullets/bombs
  • effect on movement: One or more of: floor, pushable, squishable, wall
  • uses zzt-oop color: Uses ZZT-OOP color names? yes (Color on black), white on dark color, or default only
  • score: Points given when shot
  • visible in dark: Whether it shows up on dark boards without illumination