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A list of internal string messages displayed on the bottom of the screen, along with their durations and whether or not they are set to only appear once.

Note that the duration variable here is scaled according to the game speed, with the formula being Time/TickTimeDuration.

Message Duration Show Once
Bomb activated! 200 No
Energizer - You are invincible 200 Yes
Gems give you Health! 200 Yes
Ammunition - 5 shots per container. 200 Yes
Can't shoot in this place! 200 Yes
You don't have any ammo! 200 Yes
You now have the [color] key. 200 No
You already have a [color] key! 200 No
The [color] door is now open. 200 No
The [color] door is locked! 200 No
Torch - used for lighting in the underground. 200 Yes
Don't need torch - room is not dark! 200 Yes
Room is dark - you need to light a torch! 200 Yes
You don't have any torches! 200 Yes
You are blocked by an invisible wall. 100 No
A path is cleared through the forest. 200 Yes
A fake wall - secret passage! 150 Yes
Your way is blocked by water. 100 No
Running out of time! 200 No
Ouch! 100 No
Game over - Press ESCAPE 32000 No
ERR: [error] 200 No
[object/scroll messages] 200 No

Note that the Game Over message (a) has a leading space character, and (b) is not displayed if a message is currently displayed onscreen.


The list of valid ZZT-OOP colors:


The color black is technically the color 0, which is out of bounds of the color name array. ZZT attempts to read a string that starts 8 characters before the first one, and it's length end up being 46 (corresponding to the character #char 46 . (0x2E) in an unrelated string). The full string for the color black is as follows:

.-♣....\♦Blue    ♣Green   ♦Cyan    ♥Red     ♠P

(The clubs and diamonds and such are the length parameters for the other color strings.)

Messages limited to 58 characters in length. Thus, the messages that use this string end up being truncated. Also, due to an off-by-one error, collecting/using a black key will visually overwrite one tile of the sidebar with a black tile.

ZZT-OOP Errors

Errors thrown is an invalid command is encountered:

Bad Direction
Bad object kind
Bad #PUT
Bad command [command]