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What is this wiki about? ZZT!

What precisely is ZZT related? That's the question this page tries to answer.

If examples are more your thing, check out the Requested articles page to get a better idea of what this wiki is looking for.

Currently in scope

At this time, articles are welcome on anything that's part of ZZT itself. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • ZZT's version history
  • File formats and other technical info
  • Behavior and bugs
  • The official worlds: Town, Caves, City, Demo, Dungeons, Tour

In general, if it's part of an official ZZT distribution, feel free to make an article about it.

Not in scope right now (maybe later)

There are things that I want this wiki to cover, but the scope isn't 100% nailed down. Please don't create articles on these topics for the time being. I'd rather save these for later, and focus on getting a solid technical foundation first.

  • ZZT-related tools that aren't part of ZZT itself
    • Toolkits, external editors, font creation utilities, DOS emulation, etc.
  • Specific ZZT techniques and engines
    • Could be very useful, but it's a potentially endless topic.
    • Maybe stick to stuff that's been named, like the kangaroo effect?
    • I don't want to rule out original research, but maybe there should be some notability requirement to prevent a bunch of articles on people's pet engines.
    • Maybe focus on general topics? Instead of a ZZT Music Box tutorial, document the concept/techniques to use terrain as rewritable memory.
  • ZZT's descendants
    • Super ZZT, Megazeux, maybe other ZZT clones like ZIG?
  • Published ZZT worlds
    • This one's tricky because there's a huge number of worlds. There may be something worth writing about each one, but it's a huge undertaking. I don't want there to be a bias, e.g., most articles are about worlds from the early 2000s because that's the era that most of us are from, but maybe that's unavoidable and/or not such a bad thing.
  • ZZT community
    • Archives, websites, community gathering places, ZZTers (and greater ZZT/Zeux community?), history and significant events
    • I don't like notability requirements in general (wikis are electronic, no space limitations, etc), but maybe there should be something here.