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Note that some of these links should probably be the same article: for example, we probably don't need separate articles for NORTH and SOUTH, but we should have redirects to a shared article.

Also, see Special:WantedPages for an automatically-generated list of linked-to but non-existent pages.

Categories to add

  • Colors
  • Fake labels (:endgame, :zapped) that are rumored to exist but don't
  • Output stuff: Sound? Charsets? Colors?
  • World, board, stat
  • Special elements/redirects: Player Clone, Dummy, Black Hole
  • ZZT itself: versions, Super ZZT
  • Cheats
  • Locks, especially those integrated with ZZT like the SECRET flag

ZZT behavior

Some of the categorization here is fuzzy (is X a bug or a technique?). You can help by writing the corresponding article, so we can get rid of the offending line on this page. :-)



Bugs and limits

  • Counter behavior when #giving very large numbers (32 bits in size and beyond)
  • Counter display bug: some digits left behind when counter goes from big to small
  • Label behavior with numerals
  • #restore only restores the first label, as well as labels which have a non-alphabetic/underscore character on the line below them. Or so.
  • Black keys and doors
  • Inaccuracies in frequencies used by #play (two rounding bugs)
  • Conveyor bugs (ability to delete player, etc)
  • 1024-line maximum for all text dialogs (including world selector)
  • Shooting changes step value of 150th stat
  • Moving while paused via mouse movement
  • Vertical blink wall can toss the player east on top of a wall/obstruction
  • Blank lines in text dialogs sometimes appear as hyperlinks
  • #put doesn't work on bottom row
  • Built-in editor and stat deletion bugs, if we ever figure out why that one happens
  • Dependencies on CPU speed for "fast" machines (e.g., sound effects)
  • Koopo bug
  • Can't #send to a label on the first line
  • Passages have the potential to delete each other if they are adjacent

ZZT itself

File formats

Tile types


Prefixes/statement types

Built-in Messages


Built-in flags