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ZZT-OOP nameplayer
Internal ID4 (0x04)
Character#char 2 (0x02)
Default colorwhite on blue (0x9F)
Default cycle1
Other traits
Effect on movement
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?no

The Player is the user's in-game avatar.


Besides the title screen monitor, the player is the only in-game ZZT element that responds directly to user input. It's also the only element that can collect items, unlock doors, and issue touch events to objects. It can change the current active board by touching passages and board edges.


During a game session, ZZT assumes that only one player exists and that it occupies slot 0 in the stat list. Additional player entities (colloquially referred to as player clones) can be placed in the editor or created at run-time with ZZT-OOP.

The player is meant to effectively be indestructible, even on game over, but can be erased from a board as a result of the conveyor stat glitch. The player's tick function handles input, so if the player is destroyed in this manner, ZZT itself will become unresponsive.