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ZZT-OOP namefake
Internal ID27 (0x1B)
Character#char 178 (0xB2)
Other traits
Effect on movementfloor
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?yes

The fake is one of the default floor materials in ZZT alongside the empty. Together, they are the only elements that permit free movement of all creatures. The fake is visually identical to the normal, and is intended to be used to create a fake wall for the player to traverse through. When the player crosses a fake in a game for the first time, the engine announces "A fake wall - secret passage!". Unlike the empty, a fake can be programmatically placed using all of the default ZZT-OOP colors, and can be visibly placed in any available color with an external editor.

Modern games frequently use fakes as floor decoration rather than genuine fake walls, but the initial message cannot be removed without editing the engine or using a fork which does so like CleanZZT. When an object #dies on such decorative flooring, it leaves an empty where it stood, creating a visible hole. To prevent this, the object must instead #become fake, which will then take the color of the fake beneath it.