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ZZT-OOP nameforest
Internal ID20 (0x14)
Character#char 176 (0xB0)
Default colorblack on dark green (0x20)
Other traits
Effect on movementfloor
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?no

The forest element is one of the built-in terrain elements of ZZT. It is a special kind of floor that can only by traversed by the player and not by creatures. When the player touches it, a special sound effect plays and it is replaced with an empty. This is the only way to destroy a forest tile, as it is impervious to bullets, stars and bombs. In Super ZZT, crossing forest tiles plays one note in an eight-note sequence for each individual tile, which repeats after the eighth note, and leaves a colored floor instead. When a player crosses a forest tile for the first time in a world, the engine announces that "A path is cleared through the forest." This cannot be removed without editing the engine, or using a fork that does so like CleanZZT.

A forest tile cannot be programmatically placed in any color except its default black on dark green (0x20), but it can be used to programmatically create elements of that color by overwriting it with an applicable element, such as a normal or a gem. It can also be used to create a second and more unusual color: overwriting it with a door produces a blinking black door, which can be then be replaced with an applicable element to create a blinking white on black (0x8F) element.

The water element uses the same character, #char 176 (0xB0), but is not traversible except by sharks or projectiles.