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ZZT-OOP nameammo
Internal ID5 (0x05)
Character#char 132 ä (0x84)
Default colordark cyan on black (0x03)
Other traits
Effect on movementpushable
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?no

The ammo element is ZZT's built-in method for giving the player ammunition.

Picking up an instance of ammo increments the player's ammo counter by 5 shots. The amount is not configurable, making it time-consuming for the player to pick up a large quantity of it. For this reason, many modern ZZT worlds do not use ammo for its intended purpose, and instead substitute an object that #gives ammo, or initialize the world with a non-zero ammo counter.

The first time a player picks up ammo during a game, the following message is displayed: "Ammunition — 5 shots per container."

Ammo is useful as a means of programmatically obtaining dark cyan, e.g., by #changing another item to ammo and back.