Spinning gun

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Spinning gun
ZZT-OOP namespinninggun
Internal ID39 (0x27)
Characteranimates using the arrow characters #char 24 (0x18) through #char 27 (0x1B), rotating clockwise
Default cycle2
P2firing rate/type
Other traits
Effect on movementwall
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?yes

The spinning gun is a built-in creature in ZZT that acts as an indestructible turret. It can configured to shoot either bullets or stars.

The chance of a spinning gun shooting on a given tick is P2/9, where P2 is Firing Rate - 1.

The direction that the spinning gun shoots is determined semi-randomly depending on the gun's intelligence and the player's position. The chance of the gun firing intelligently on a given tick is P1/9, where P1 is Intelligence - 1. If it chooses to fire intelligently, it will fire vertically if the player is within 2 tiles on the x axis and the gun is not blocked vertically. Otherwise, it will shoot horizontally if the player is within two tiles on the y axis. If neither condition is met, it will not make an intelligent shot. If the spinning gun decides to make a non-intelligent shot instead, then it will randomly fire in one of the cardinal directions.

The spinning gun cycles between #char 24 (0x18), #char 26 (0x1A), #char 25 (0x19), and #char 27 (0x1B), however the direction it fires is completely unrelated to the direction it is visibly pointing.