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ZZT-OOP namelion
Internal ID41 (0x29)
Character#char 234 Ω (0xEA)
Default colorred on black (0x0C)
Default cycle2
Other traits
Score when shot1
Effect on movementpushable, squishable
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?no

Lions are a type of built-in enemy creature in ZZT. They move around semi-randomly, with a tendency to seek out the player. They can only do damage on contact, which destroys the lion as well.

The chance of a lion following the player as opposed to moving randomly is ((P1 + 1) * 0.1), where P1 is equal to Intelligence - 1. As such, in the default editor, it's possible to create lions with player-seeking behaviour expressed within between 10% and 90% of movements.