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ZZT-OOP namebreakable
Internal ID23 (0x17)
Character#char 177 (0xB1)
Other traits
Effect on movementwall
Destructible?by bomb explosions, bullets, stars and bears
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?yes

The breakable element is one of the built-in wall elements in ZZT. It cannot be moved, but can be destroyed in certain ways:

  • by being shot at with a Bullet or being hit by a Star,
  • by being in the blast radius of a Bomb explosion,
  • by colliding with a Bear - both the breakable and the bear get destroyed.

Breakables can be placed in all of the default ZZT-OOP colors and can be placed in any of the available colors with an external editor. In addition, Bomb blasts are created by placing breakable elements first, then replacing them with Empties.