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ZZT-OOP nametiger
Internal ID42 (0x2A)
Character#char 227 π (0xE3)
Default colorcyan on black (0x0B)
Default cycle2
P2Firing rate/type
Other traits
Score when shot2
Effect on movementpushable, squishable
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?no

Tigers are a type of built-in enemy creature in ZZT. They follow the Lion's movement logic, while adding the ability to shoot bullets or stars.

The chance of a Tiger shooting on a given tick is (⌊P2 / 3⌋ / 9), where P2 is equal to Firing Rate - 1. As such, the most powerful Tiger that can be created in the default editor, with P2 = 8, will shoot about 22% of the time. If the Player is within two horizontal spaces of the Tiger, it will opt to shoot in a vertical direction - otherwise, if the Player is within two vertical spaces of it, it will shoot in a horizontal direction.