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ZZT-OOP namewater
Internal ID19 (0x13)
Character#char 176 (0xB0)
Default colorblinking blue on light gray (0xF9)
Other traits
Effect on movementwall
Uses ZZT-OOP color names?yes

The water element is one of the built-in materials in ZZT. It impedes all movement, but unlike other wall tiles, it can be crossed by bullets or stars. In addition, the shark can only move within water. Whenever the player touches water, the engine plays a special sound effect and announces "Your way is blocked by water." Neither of these can be removed without editing the engine, or using a fork that does so like CleanZZT.

By default, when placed by the built-in editor, water is blinking blue on light gray (0xF9), which, unless blinking is turned off, results in default-color sharks appearing as solid blocks. However, in DEMO.ZZT, water is shown as blinking white on dark blue (0x9F), where the sharks are clearly visible, suggesting this was the default color at the time. Water does not assume either color when placed programmatically because its default color value of 0xF9 is greater than 0xF0, which is defined as the minimum special color setting for an element that can have its color changed. This means an object can place water in any of the default ZZT-OOP colors, or overwrite an item or colored empty to use its color. It can be drawn in any of the available colors with an external editor.

The forest uses the same character as water, #char 176 (0xB0), but is traversible.